Saturday, 31 October 2020

Record of Asturion War - 0.2

Hello guys, as promised in recent comments, I bring you new version of Record of Asturion War.

You can download new release here (mega) or there (anonfile) (updated links to 0.23)

If you have old save, it will work, BUT I will advise you to start with chapter 34 (beginning of part 2). The reason for that are numerous skill, stat, or even class changes I made to characters in second part of the story. There's also one H-scene added in chapter 37 which will not be uncloked in your memory menu.

Major changes:

-10 new chapters, with new sexual content and corrupted girls

-Added memory/gallery option for h-events (memories for sex/corruption scenes, gallery for one-time images)

- Minor balance changes to old maps, in particular "Defiance of the Dukes". In general, allies should be able to hold out a bit longer

-Some characters got their unique models/chara illustrations

Thursday, 24 September 2020

Record of Asturion War - 0.1

 Hello guys, long time no see.

This time I won't talk about talk about Divinion's sequel, mainly because it's been mostly on hiatus those last few months. Why? Well, for one, I was getting tired of RPG Maker gameplay. Two, because first prototype of the game was very much not to my satisfaction. Until I get inspired on how to proceed with Renan's story, I decided to put my focus on the side project I mentioned in recent posts.

And here we are: I present you my side project: Record of Asturion War. It's not an JRPG like Divinion, but SRPG in vein of Fire Emblem games. If you're familiar with the series, you'll find yourself right at home.

Thursday, 28 May 2020

Dark Lord Rises 1.0.0

Hello guys, a little surprise here - an update to the first game in the series, The Dark Lord Rises.

I say little, because despite large jump in version number, this update brings mostly bugfixes and corrections to bring names and lore in line with Divinion and incoming third, final game. There is some new content added - in particular, in Avonlica, before the story really kicks in - but not enough for me to recommend another playthrough for those who completed TDLR already.

Yeah, I replayed the game just recently, in order to remember some plot points and nuances. Boy, I came long way since when I started.

You can find download link to the completed version of the game on the side panel.

And now - back to development of the last game!

Wednesday, 6 May 2020

State of the Game - May

Hello guys, long time no see. It's been year since initial release of Divinion and I wanted to share with you a few words where do i stand with development.

Now, my progress is not as good as I'd like, but steadily, the final title in Renan's saga is taking shape. My main problem for now is balancing more erotic elements and proper storytelling. Divinion certainly lacked in the "ero" part, which I seek to remedy in final release. You can expect many more H-scenes, of more different variety. Though, as I mentioned in ony of my previous posts, the game will not follow totally "evil" route, Renan will have his share of bedmates, including many returning characters. Because yes, we are finally returning to Resticia, and it's time for Alba class to reunite... kind of. Sort of.

Another difference from Divinion, the game will offer less freedom to player - in the end, from what I gathered, open structure caused a bit too much confusion among players, and was source of many unnecessary bugs. The final game will definitely be more stramlined, with quality over quantity approach. I've finally settled down on battle system, and it's way better than default JRPG style that comes with RPG Maker. In fact, I am currently experimenting a bit with various concepts in hope of spicing the second half of the game with some interesting variety.

For now, I will be safe and predict release date on Christmas. Depending on this while coronavirus situation, it might be sped up or delayed - hard to tell at this point.

That's all for today. Stay tuned for next update!

Wednesday, 26 February 2020

Divinion 2.0.1

Hello guys. Here the new update, containing fixes for some issues plaguing last release of Divinion.

- Fixed a bug on a second floor of the Black Tower (if player initially refused to jump, game wouldn't progress on second attempt).
-Rebalanced actor initiative stats. Now at least some of early game fights won't end with enemy barriage right off the bat. To compensate, some mid-game (~lvl 10, so when game starts to get more forgivable) enemies got a slight stat boost.

Here are the download links: MEGA Mediafire

Saturday, 15 February 2020

Divinion 2.0: Apex - release!

Hello again!

As promised with last State of the Game, I come to you with "final" version of Divinion. Forgive me for the delay; when I was writing my last post, the ending was already done, but changes made to overall stroyboard forced me to switch things a little. As a result, large chunk of final chapter had to be either redone or scrapped entirely.

To be clear, new content in Apex is not that long, at least compared to 1.0. However, 2.0 brings not only a new adventure, but also some changes to previous areas. First of all, early game enemies were made easier. On the other hand, some bosses have been tweaked to offer more resistance to more hardened parties. Crafting materials are a bit more abundant around the world. A few new conversations were added to fill some gaps within strory and lore. And of course, as per every update, armies of typos were mercilessly exterminated :)

Here's the download link for 2.0 I hope you'll enjoy the game!

Saturday, 14 December 2019

State of the Game: 2.0 "Apex" update

Hello guys, long time no see! Forgive me, I really forgot to update you on my progress. A lot has happened since last release, so let me give you quick update on status of the game.

First of all, I had to modify my plans. Initially, I planned Divinion 2.0 to contain entire last arc of the story, and continue from the base game. This had to be scrapped for two reasons:

- Despite my best efforts, I gave up on RPG Maker-style combat. I simply ran out of ideas how to make it fun. Furthermore, most complains about the game were focused on combat and early combat balance. Because of that, I decided to completely redefine my approach to the combat systems.
- I came with quite neat idea about certain gameplay systems, but it's impossible to implement within framework provided by current Divinion.

There's also third reason, though much less important: I'll be switching from HoneySelect to Koikatsu models for H-scenes. They simply fit story and aesthetics of Divinion much, much better.

Therefore, I decided to have last arc of the story to be once again, a separate game - while Divinion's story arc will be finished in a short last chapter that shall come out around New Year's. The update, aside from new content, will also include some tweaks that should make game easier in the early stages.

To be honest, last few months I've been fiddling with a prototype of a different game, - it started as testing ground for a new ideas, but grew so big, I might release it some day. For now, however, I will work to release Divinion 2.0 ASAP - as for wherever I will focus on this new project or dishing out final part of Renan's trilogy, I will decide after Christmas.

Thank you for your patience, and hopefully, see you before 2020.